June 18, 2013

The graduation, sort of...

Kiki has graduated today. Ok, not really. The first graduation she had experienced, was from preschool. We enrolled her for three days a week for two and a half hours. I know sounds like a waste of time and money. But it worked for us, and for her. Her younger sister was just born, and because she was colicky, it gave this social butterfly like Kiki, a little entertainment and fun time with other kids. I wish I could post a picture from that cute event. Yet the pictures again are safely stored away. I can't get them...

The next graduation she experienced, was in kindergarten. Sounds serious again, right? I felt proud anyway:)
Then the official graduation festivities stopped. No first grade, or second, third and so on. If she continued her learning in the public school, she would graduate this year. Out of elementary school into middle school. But she didn't. Due to unpleasantness, bulling and over all hard time with her peers, we decided to look for a new school for her. She wanted to get out too. We have found a perfect match. A school with a class like no other. The kids actually got along with each other. It was a real blessing for all of us. This catholic school that she attended for the last two years lasts through middle school, with a graduation after the eight grade.
Yet again, after thinking it over, we have encouraged Kiki to try for a special program for gifted children call Pegasus. She was accepted and begged us to let her go there. We had agreed.

So yet again she skipped the graduation.
Today was her last day at St. Mary's school. She was happy, and she was sad. Mixed feelings, a lot of hugs, few tears and promise of visiting her old school. She had two good years. Not a surprise there. Awards for writing, in math, social studies and finishing with high honors throughout the whole year. The surprise for her and us though, was her first place in National Mythology Exam. She had the highest score in years in that competition.
The look on her face said it all. The surprise, joy and pride - the good one.

So I kind of think about it as a graduation. So far she has achieved a lot and she is looking toward the challenge and learning in Pegasus program.
Good luck Kiki. We are proud of you and we love you very much. Enjoy your summer!

Waiting for the ceremony to start

The presentation of all six awards looked the same
Getting medal for a first place in National Mythology Exam 
Kubus started to get bored, it all looked the same to him:)
 Showing the medal with pride
 A hug from Kubus.


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