June 1, 2013

Childrens' Day

As long as I remember the date June 1st, has always rung one bell - Childrens' Day!!! Oh, the fun that we had, the candy, activities, no classes at schools, parents going easy at home and so on. Sometimes it felt better than Saint Nicholas Day. More surprises and more presents!!!
So it comes as an astonishment, that in the good US of A no one has thought about the idea of celebrating the Childrens' Day. The commercials, TV shows, toys, books, parties that could have happened! It looks to me like a missed opportunity for money making machines.

It was an easy decision to make the tradition going, once the children have joined us.
This year we made a mistake of giving in the curiosity of Zuzanna and we told her our plans, only to listen later to her complains that now it is no fun anymore... I had promised her that a breakfast will be a surprise.

We were hoping for a sleep in, but the excitement about the the day got better of the girls and woke them up. Kubus was awake anyway, and jumping on me and asking for "cziko", which is his version of Polish "mleczko" - milk:)

My girls are picky, but the chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, have satisfied them both. Kubus decided that he prefers his french vanilla yogurt, and being it his day, I fed a whole bowl of yummy yogurt to him. He actually did not get the idea what is going on today.

Kubus was making progress in potty training...

...and painting.
Later in the day we took our offspring to the bowling lane. That actually was out first, family bowling event. It would have turned out great, if we left our youngest one at home...
Unfortunately he had no idea how the bowling game works, and that he needs to take turns and not to run in the alley, or press the reset button constantly. We ended up holding him most of the time, and listen to his tantrums.  Don't let the pictures fool you :) This boy is having terrible twos now. Not fun...


Then we took our dear children for ice cream in one of the best ice cream places in RI. At least the sign says that...
It is located quite close to us, so it was convenient. I must say that the trouble with our youngest one continued. He saw a  toy car that did not want to leave. It was rather loud departing from that sweet place.


Kubus calmed down at home. He had a chance to play outside. The weather was finally pleasant to  enjoy it. He has his own private "beach", as he calls his sandbox:)

After the dinner of grilled baby back ribs, ( kids favorite ) and watching an episode of the "Ultimate tree houses", recorded on DVR ( our girls are fans of those kind of programs, another one that they enjoy is "Tanked" ), the girls settled down in beds. The troublemaker was already asleep:)

I do hope and think that they enjoyed their special day.
I, on the other hand, am waiting for tomorrow, because tomorrow is June 2nd, and for last 40 years I have been celebrating it as my birthday. Tomorrow it will be the 41st time and thankfully, it comes on Sunday this year!!!



  1. Happy Children's Day to your kids and Happy Birthday to you Kinga! Hope it's a very special day :o)