June 23, 2013

The run

Kateri is a runner.
I am so happy that she has the opportunity to work on her talents. The running is a little in her genes:)Andrzej was training track and field and I wasn't slow either, although given the opportunity to train, I couldn't do it for a lot of reasons.

Kateri has started training three years ago in CLCF. We quickly have discovered that she has a potential. Even though she wasn't winning all of the events, mostly shorter ones, she was always in top five. She claimed that her favorite distance is 400m. It is not easy run, but she likes it.

Kateri loves to participate in the meets. The adrenaline is pumping her motivation so high, that she gets her best times there.  She has tried a couple of times to get to Hershey meet in Pennsylvania. There are only 8 best runners in each category from the whole USA and Puerto Rico and parts of Canada. She did not make it there, but she made good time. Since last year she made a promise to herself to get to Hershey this year. I am concerned a little though. Kateri hit the age of growing up and changing. Her body shoot up and gain some weight. It seemed to me, that she needs to reevaluate and recalculate and approach the training a little differently this year. And the thing with Kiki is, that she loves to compete, but not really train, Unfortunately the first one is not possible with other regardless how talented one might be...

Going back to meets...
Even though the Hershey is a dream of every young runner, mostly because the kids get to go to the Hershey Park:), more prestige are meets of USA track and field - Junior Olympics.

Yesterday we took 70 mile trip to Fitchburg were first part of Junior Olympics was taking place. Kateri has competed in 400m and 200m, 400 being her favorite of course.

The meet was very long. Kateri was feeling nervous, Zuzanna bored - she played DS most of the time, and Kubus had a surge of energy. It was all worth it though...

Kateri had third best time in her age group. The first eight runner qualify to the next round. This time in NYC.
 I have a feeling that there will be plenty of meets that we going to attend this summer. I better stack up on good coconut water to replenish the lost electrolytes, few more DS games and store extra energy to chase Kubus:)

Waiting for the run to be announced. It took a couple of hours...
Right before the run. Andrzej watching Kubus, Zuzia watching Kiki:)
Taking the lucky 7 position and fixing hair...
 Almost done, but the hardest meters still to run!
She got it!
See you in NYC,