June 11, 2013

From the garden

In the winter I had big plans. Big plans for bigger garden. The potatoes were supposed to have their own spot, next to the neighbors' white fence. Our own organic, straight from garden potatoes, lasting at least two months. The space on the side of the house was reserved for  green zucchini, sweet pumpkin and refreshing cucumbers. A lot of them. Then I was planning to dig more space for our yearly crop of tomatoes. Along our fence. And maybe few sweet, red pepper plants.
Then, again prepare the ground on the other side the fence and sow beets, carrots, parsnip and celeriac. The last one would be awesome to have. It is such a delicious vegetable, yet completely forgotten in American cuisine. And also in the stores. The only store that carries them is Whole Foods.

Spring came, and I got sick. It took all of my time, energy and joy. Whatever we had planned, was forgotten. Along with important plans, my plan for making the garden bigger too. So I did not make the soil ready, I did not started plants indoors, I did not find celeriac seeds.

Yet we found enough time and effort to start growing few plants, even though the garden stayed the same size as last year. We have few potato plants. The twelve tomatoes are catching up too. Looks like the red pepper plant is growing nicely also, and three cucumbers, two pumpkin and three zucchini plants seem to thrive. Unfortunately the beets and carrots aren't growing as I expected them to.

There is a little sun here and there, not too cold, and quite rainy. The plants are growing, but also the weeds. This afternoon Zuzia and I decided to do some weeding. The weeds are very easy to pull out when the soil is moist. Zuzia did awesome job and had mentioned that actually we don't need a pet!? because our vegetable plants are like pets, we have to take care of them. I like her way of thinking!
We had fun working together. Next time however,  I need to remember, that two and a half year old boys have trouble recognizing the real vegetable:)

P.S. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. I had just ipod with me. Enlarging them didn't help either:(

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