June 17, 2013

For tata:)

I am late to link my {phfr} edition of Father's Day at out home. Celebrating the man who chose to be "tata" a beautiful, Polish way of saying dad. Zuzanna is still convinced that that's his real name and I think that there is no better proof of acknowledging the importance of  him being a father.

Yesterday I opened up my facebook page with news feed to be bombarded with wishing the "Happy Father's Day to the Best Father in the World", or "The Best Father that my children can have".
I did not follow the trend, I did not want to follow the crowd, and wanted to chose something different.
But for me, who struggles with words and writing in general, it wasn't coming easily. How can you celebrate the father of my children, who was always happily welcomed  a pregnancy news ,who had tears in eyes while setting them on the newborn baby for a very first time, who took over the caring for a colicky, fussy, baby every time I couldn't do it anymore. How can I describe a father who sings a lullaby to his children, even though singing is a talent that God had forgotten to give it to him? Who makes sure that he is that parent that sends every child to sleep?

Will my children remember who first taught them how to swim, to bike, to skate, to ski? Who took them for two day skiing trips? Will they remember the fishing, squidding and kayaking? The endless times of taking them to swimming practices, swimming classes, track meets, basketball games, girl club meetings?

How about those long hours of waiting for them at the practices, when all he wanted to do after long day of work was to stay at home and rest?
Can I give justice to the time that he spends making sure that kids have good college funds, that they can go to college?

Who reads the kids books to be able to discuss them later with youngsters? Will my daughter remember that tata fulfilled her dream of meeting her favorite author? Will she remember that he took her to father/daughter dance, even though the dancing fall into the same category as singing? Will she appreciate that everyday driving her to school even though she could take a bus a tata could sleep a little longer?

There are so many acts of sacrificing and unselfish acts of love that Andrzej is giving to his, our children, it is hard to name them all. I know I forgot a lot. So how can I make a justice by saying simply, Happy Father's Day to the Best Tata that my children can have? Can a breakfast of Eggs Benedict show the appreciation, or crayon colored, pencil scribbled handmade father's day cards, or 100 grand candy etc. Those are small things, but I think they can, they are given from a bottom of my, kids hearts! And while I know that he is not perfect, nobody is, I can't imagine a better father for our children! Thank you Andrzej!

Kinga :)


  1. Gorgeously put. Kudos to Andrzej! And the mother of your children is wonderfully incredible, as well. :)

  2. Thank you Katie! Coming from you, it means a lot:)

  3. Awww great pictures! And a sweet message :o)

  4. I look forward to reading your posts because of the delightful way you have with words. You express yourself with such honesty and purity that I am truly humbled by your writing. Blessings to you and your lovely family. monica

    1. Wow, thank you so much! I think those are kindest words ever, describing my simple writing!