June 5, 2013

My five favorites ( this week)

The weather. Doesn't get better than this. Sunny, with highs in 70s, and nice, crispy, chilly but pleasant nights. Glorious mornings. Too bad I have trouble waking up early to go for walk with my walking neighbors. Either staying up late with my night owl - hubby, or going for a walk with early risers!

My birthday last Sunday. What a good day that was!
And the ipod, and especially few apps like Face Time. It brings my family, on the other side of the ocean, closer. But I also enjoy other functions. The color is perfect too. Orange, my favorite. It must be, because it matches with my hubby's hair:)

Kubus using potty! He learnt how to use it in 4 days! Honestly after first day I thought it will take him the whole summer. He surprised us on the third day by using potty at home and pull up while we were out, but on the fourth day he started calling to go potty while being away from home.
As a reward he got few new trucks:)


My fabulous new shoes! See the color? I could not pass on them! I was hesitating for a while if I should give in the temptation, but after realizing that those will be first shoes this year for me, I went ahead and bought them. Oh, there was only one pair in this color and my size on clearance! I took it as a sign...:)

New dehumidifier. It makes the play/craft/sewing room so much drier and pleasant. This dehumidifier is so much quieter than the old one. I don't have to turn it off when we are downstairs.

There you have it. My five favorite things this week. New theme for blogging me:)
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 W tym tygodniu zaczynam nowy srodowy temat: "Moje piec ulubionych rzeczy w tym tygodniu".
Podciagam sie pod blog Hallie, do ktorego link mozna zobaczyc powyzej.

Pogoda, wrecz wspaniala! Suche, cieplutkie, sloneczne dnie i chlodne ale przyjemne noce.

Moje urodziny w ostatnia niedziele. Byl to bardzo przyjemnie spedzony dzien.
Rowniez prezent, ipod, a szczegolnie aplikacja Face Time. Pozwala mi do woli pozrozmawiac z rodzinka z Polski. Inne applikacje tez mi bardzo odpowiadaja!

Kubus, uzywajacy nocniczka. Pa, pa pieluchy! Poszlo mu zaskakujaco szybko, w 4 dni!
W nagrode dostal kilka nowych ciezarowek:)

Moje nowe, swietne butki! Kolor i rozmiar po prostu czekal na mnie na przecenie!

Nowy odwilzacz powietrza. Mozna teraz komfortowo spedzac czas w pokoju przenaczonym do roznorakich czynnosci ( zabawy, prac plastycznych, szycia itp.)

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are Polish! :D My great-great-grandfather was from Kazimierz! When I lived in Hungary, I went to a school named after a Polish war hero! My rental apartment was in a street named after Sobieski. My kids grew up drinking Kubus and watching Lolek and Bolek.

    I like your iPod cover matching your shoes.