June 21, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Last Sunday was Father's Day. It was also annual Will Speck Memorial Father's Day 5K Race in our city.

Andrzej preferred to postpone his breakfast in bed to the participation in the races. He indulged in big brunch afterwards:)

There were races for every age group for the kids, and then official 5k for the rest. Last year the girls participated in the kids races and I in 5k. I really enjoyed it and got good time of 28' 30'' ( at least it seemed good to me ). This year it looked tempting again, but since I was not in shape due to my illness, I did not want to start running only to finish walking. Instead of me,  we encouraged Kubus to participate in, 3 and under, 50 meter race:) Kiki run 800m and Zuzia 400m.

The kids had fun before the races. All of them got freebies !!! As if free participation and meeting friends on early Sunday morning wasn't enough!

Here is my {phfr} edition, as I join Like Mother, Like Daughter for weekly edition of capturing the context of contentment in our daily life.
{pretty} and {happy}
My pretty and happy children after the races with their ribbons!
Checking the freebies:)
Andrzej getting ready for Halloween:)
( not really )
The kids worked real-ly hard!
All of us had fun. I hope to be able to participate next year and improve my PR!

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