July 7, 2013

Theme Thursday: Freedom ( on Sunday :)

What a hot and scorched 4th of July that was!!!

I added the 4 miles on the 4th to my dailymile. I have to say that it was rather a mistake. I was very tired, and had a headache plus additional anxiety. That "thing" can't seem to leave me... I am thinking more about changing my work out routine. It does not matter that I like to run. It seems that it is just not for me. I have to stick to my very personal "wii coach" and walking. I like to lift weights too.

We tried to stay cool indoors, while watching some tennis. Polish player, Agnieszka Radwanska was in semifinals. The match was very interesting, unfortunately she lost:(

In the late afternoon we finally opened our pool for summer. The water was pleasantly warm, kids cooled off and little certain someone did not want to leave the wet fun. The trouble was for Andrzej who had to hold Kubus the whole time since  the water was way too deep for our little one!

We skipped the parades, maybe another, cooler 4th of July. We had read few books and waited for friends to come over.

We all had great time celebrating the freedom. The refreshing water, the yummy food, the sweet and gooey s'mores, the glowing bracelets, the shining sparkles and the neighborhood display of big, colorful and loud fireworks, made this day feel oh, so very special and fun!

Few highlights from our Freedom Day, joining Cari!



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