July 17, 2013

Summer Days





So far the summer has been hot, sometimes wet, and definitely busy!

There was summer bible camp, track and field camp, library programs, high piles of books to read, swimming in the pool, meeting friends, new DS games to play, music, art classes, trip to NYC, trip to Boston, track and field meets and on, and on, and on!
I have to say my girls have variety of activities this summer.
Even today Andrzej took a day off and went kayaking with Kateri. They came back very happy and declared that it was not so hot in the kayaks at all, ( outside temperature 92F and very, very sunny !). Zuzanna will enjoy this activity next week.
Though we live in an "Ocean State", we don't go to beach very often. I always complain, this is last of all the places I want to be in the summer!
That is unless it is very late afternoon with plenty of space, no smell of the sunscreen, one can actually see the kids in the water, the breeze is refreshing and towards the evening is cool and kids appreciate the trip, unless you forbid them to take a clam home as a pet, and then they throw a tantrum!!!
We decided to make that trip today in the late afternoon. It was very relaxing, even with the sand in all parts of our bodies, starting with hair, and ending with toes, in the car, on the floors, towels and the bathtub. At least a pound or two of free sand, hurray for us!

No, we can't complain that the summer is boring so far:)

There are still violin classes to attend and take part in the program fun free Fridays!
And then there is Mother of Hope Camp coming up, and the trip to New Hampshire. In the winter we ski there, in the summer we rest and hike. We had an ambitious plan of climbing Mount Washington with the kids, but I am not in good form after my illness. Maybe next year...

Tomorrow though is going to be hotter than today. I think we will rest at home and gather energy for fun later on, and we look forward it with anticipation :)


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