July 9, 2013


The last few days have been exceptionally hot here in northeast. And it was very hot in the big city, like New York. No one in the right mind would chose such a scorching weekend to play a tourist there, but we did:) And a lot of others as we dragged along walked through the crowded streets of Lower Manhattan!

Kateri had her National Junior track and field event in Icahn Stadium in NYC. We couldn't pass that
meet even if there was 110 F! It sounded too important and prestigious. Was there anybody from our family or friends invited to participate in such  a meet? No, we had to go!

Kateri's 400 meter dash took place on Saturday. As with a meet with a lot of events, the run was delayed. The participants had to warm up, wait and then run in the hot blasting sun. I knew that it is not going to be Kateri's race. We just told her to enjoy and remember it:)

She run in the second heat. Over all from 20 runners she had placed 12ve.
The girls had a chance to chat a little and some of them mentioned that they train very often in the heat of the day to get used to any kind of weather! I can believe it. The few first girls who finished with top places run like rackets! Kateri said she was already tired before the race, from the heat...

After the run we went to the hotel to cool down and relax and then we hit the...Bronx! Not the Zoo though, it was too late. We headed toward a good pizza place but honestly it was very hard to find such one. We stopped at the surprisingly nice downtown of Yonkers and enjoyed the walk along Hudson river.


Sunday did not give us any relieve from the heat.  It actually felt hotter, and that was our Manhattan day! We had tried to do it early in a day but it did not make any difference. We started sweating as soon as we left the car! We walked along the United Nations buildings, past the Chrysler skyscraper and Grand Station, toward the Public Library. Over there we were planning to rest for longer, but the library was closed! We headed toward Time Square which has been under construction. Not a pretty view.

For a Sunday Mass we decided to go to St.Patrick which was also going major restorations.
Kids has a little rest and fun in Toys"R"Us, before heading to Central Park to enjoy greenery and heading back to the car. Zuzia was happy finding 21 turtles in the stenchy Central Park pond. Yes, she counted them, and watching them, made her day:)

We were all glad to be in the air conditioned car later on and heading back home. I am surprised that despite of the heat, everybody took it well. We are planning to come back, but maybe in the cool and crispy Fall!





  1. You got some great photos!!! A very memorable trip!

    1. Thank you Stef! Yes, rather memorable:)

  2. Świetne zdjęcia!!!! Buziaki dla Kateri-widać, że dała z siebie wszystko!!! I dla Was wszystkich oczywiście też:*