July 27, 2013

Free Fun Friday - {pretty, happy, funny, real} edition

Wow, what a different weather this Friday. Nice, chilly, rainy, cloudy. I can actually enjoy it for few days:)
Morning came and we set off to violin and art classes. We skipped the doctor this time. It looks that the medicine is working, because Kubus is sleeping better and he does not have episodes of sleep apnea. At least I don't hear them. Next week though I take him to the ENT doctor to check what is the cause of Kubus problems with breathing.

As for the program for Free Fun Friday, we opted for Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester.
First I wanted to go to Boston for Commonwealth Shakespeare Company but since we could only get there in the afternoon, and we did not know how much time we will spent in traffic and find a decent parking space, we decided to forgo that plan.
The museum was a good choice, although crowded.
The building itself has yet to resemble medieval castle, but it is new world after all and we can't expect too much. There was enough armor for kids to look at and try on, to get hands on idea about the medieval weapons.

I snapped few pictures, as my account of the visit and linked it with {phfr} hosted as always by Like Mother, Like Daughter.


The third and fourth floor resembles somewhat a castle. I thought that it looked really pretty.


Kubus and Zuzia were the happiest playing with blocks and trying to build a castle. So were tens of other children. They were in constant move so that is why the pictures are blurry!!!


 My children trying to be the knights:)


The line was long in front of the museum. A lot of visitors wanted to take advantage of this free program. Fortunately it moved quite quickly.
It looks that next week we will skip the Free Fun Friday. Girls are going to enjoy Mother of Hope camp! I and Kubus? We will find something to do for sure!

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  1. That museum is in our neck of the woods! What fun! Thanks for joining!