July 11, 2013

Theme Thursday: Rooms

I am right on time today, and showing off my multipurpose dining room, as I join  Cari for the Theme Thursday.

It is very informal and formal place in our home. Even though we are lucky to have eat in kitchen, we enjoy our meals at the dining room table. It is a place for fast breakfast, almost restaurant requested lunches, alone dinners and family dinners. We have celebrated here birthdays, name days, Communions and christenings.

We have enjoyed our yearly traditional Christmas Eve dinner and Easter breakfast for the past eleven years now. When guests come over, that is where they usually sit and converse with us.
It also a place for homework, crafting, sometimes sewing, planning and organizing.

I did not capture less interesting part of this room where stands the old fashion computer. So it is also our office. But  we don't complain for the lack of one more room. We are not really in a big need for extra office space, even though that would be nice.
So besides the dining and learning purpose of this room, it also used for computer games, paying bills, checking e-mails and blogging. And I like to keep it clean. So I pushed away the clutter for today's picture of the week:)



  1. Don't forget girls' club meetings!

  2. I love that, we don't have a dining room table yet or a place to put one it what is technically the dining room, but someday. Someday. I think the table is one of the most intimate places in a home. Tells the real story.

    1. Yes, it does. I was planning to add on that is it a place where life happens!

  3. My daughter just looked at the computer and said, "That's a lovely room."