July 14, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} - the swimming edition

Two years ago we bought a backyard style pool for our children. At that point Kateri was already good swimmer, Zuzanna was learning.  Kubus was just a few months old baby, so it was safe to let the kids go and enjoy the cool swim on the hot summer day.

It requires a little bit of work, that pool of ours. First of all we were never planning to do so. We never looked for a house with a pool. It did not make sense for us here in Northeast, where summer lasts two months. But we changed our mind when the kids started to grow up and enjoy the hot summer in the backyard.

So going back to the work on the pool... It takes two days to set it up properly and a lot of hours to fill it up with water. Then we have to make sure that it stays clean and bacteria free. That is Andrzej's job. Mine is cleaning up after the season. We don't leave it up, but pump the water out, rinse it and wash it with bleach. Then it has to get dry, and finally after a week of cleaning, is being put away for the ten months of the year...

But you know what, it is all worth it!

Last year the girls enjoy it again. Kubus was going in, but rather for a short period of time.
This year it has changed. He absolutely loves it!!! Andrzej decided to buy him a float, the one that gets tied up around the child with a padding on the back. It gave Andrzej and Kubus a lot of freedom in the pool. And mostly, a lot of excitement for the little boy.

The thing I am very anxious when little ones are in, so I am staying out most of the time, only being there when the pictures are needed to be taken or recordings of joyful splashing.

As I join Like Mother, Like Daughter for the {phfr}, I am posting few pictures and a short movie of Kubus' efforts to stay afloat!

 {pretty, happy}

My pretty and happy boy. Andrzej and Zuzia enjoyed it too!

Being funny, stealing sibling kisses:) 
  He is real-ly swimming! With some help of course...

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  1. Now that I think of it, the real should be funny!!!