May 31, 2014

The concert


For the past few years Kateri had the chance to learn playing violin. She had participated in BASICS program, which every session ended with a concert. She did learn a lot and had fun playing. Now she is playing in the middle school and she has acknowledged that she has learnt a lot. Good to hear that!

This past Spring Zuzia started attending guitar classes. I think at the beginning she was overwhelmed, but with a little commitment and " encouragement" from me, she got better and better.
Last night, the BASICS group held yet another concert. The theme - 80's!
I do not know who had more fun, Zuzia participating or me finding the brightest, neon clothes that we owned :)

I and Kateri enjoyed the hard work of the students and their teachers. Kateri even had a tear in her eye as she remembered her own performances.

Zuzia promised me to work and practice at least twice a week from now on, until the next session of the program starts. I hope that she is going to remember that!


P.S. This is a guitar, not a ukulele, as some think; a real 1/2 size guitar, and blue, because is the color of the ocean! K.

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