May 11, 2014

MD 2014

I am taking  a short break from Texas ( I still haven't finished ), even though Zuzia is constantly asking me, when am I going to talk about a visit to Sea World!!! I will, I promised her and maybe few anxious members of my family. The rest of my small, but faithful readers, bear with me:)

For now though it is a Mother's Day, and I can't just skip it.
I don't know who was more excited today, my two children ( out of three ) or me! I'll go with the kids.
Zuzia and Kubus woke up early, helped Andrzej with breakfast, showered me with handmade cards ( they are the best ) and share the excitement of my new, wonderful, multifunctional Blendtec!!!
That was my requested gift.

Truly, paleo breakfast! The M is for...mama of course!!!

The Flower Delivery truck from Kubus with; it was mine, as long as I gave it back to him:)

Looking powerful!!!

We have postponed the annual trip to the beach, even though the weather was gorgeous ; we have opted for home this year.

The dogwood tree is finally blooming; perfectly for today!

At the end of the day my whole family agreed that there is more joy in giving than receiving, since they ( the family ) devoured the deliciousness that my new "friend" helped me produce today in the kitchen :)

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers!


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