May 3, 2014

Just a little bit of Austin

Austin, that we remember, has changed.
The traffic is very busy and crazy, the highways are like skyscrapers, the streets are crowded and people are rushing somewhere all the time. The real estate seem to be booming and the houses and apartments are growing like mushrooms after the rain.

Some changes are nicely surprising, some are not. However, it was comforting to see few old places and wonderful friends, that stayed the same.
 ( our friends, I will keep anonymous, and you know who you are :) )

Despite the changes, it is a place where I would like to live with my family; but for now only in the pictures!

 Mount Bonnell is still the same with gorgeous view.

The downtown skyline however, does not look the same!

Lake Travis...but I don't remember it well anyway...

Approaching St David's hospital where our only Texan was born; still the same!*

View of UT football team stadium and the tower; the same.*

Capitol; the same.*

New shopping/entraining area looking quite European I dare to say, but very impressive.

Shrimp, crawfish and frog legs!!!


And at the end of our visit to Austin we dined in our favorite restaurant " Pappadeaux"!
Still the same great, Cajun food!
* Edited; if one takes a lot of pictures, one forgets what's on them!!!

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