May 27, 2014

Long weekend

The Memorial weekend is past us.
We had spent it working in the backyard. Andrzej was painting the deck and playset with Zuzia nad Kubus "helping" him. I did a little bit of weeding and replanting and planting. I am still waiting for some seeds to sprout.
The girls spent Saturday visiting dear friends of theirs and Sunday was full of joy and screams in our house as our friends came to visit us.
We visited  Carnival ( very much overpriced !!! ), had frozen lemonade and s'mores every evening .
It was very relaxed ( for some of us at least :) ), and homebound weekend.

I have one big regret though;  we failed to make plans for a parade on Monday morning and honor those who died serving this and other countries around the world.
Let's hope that we won't repeat it again next year; there is a reason for having a long weekend!

I did poor job capturing the excitement of the last weekend. I need to hang the camera around my neck wherever I go !!!

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