May 4, 2014

San Antonio

The fun part of having growing children, is the fact that we can show them the places that we liked, and enjoyed them ( the places, but kids too :) ) all over again. On the list of our very busy schedule, was the visit to San Antonio and partially walking, partially boating on the Riverwalk. Of course we took them for the tour and history of The Alamo Mission. We visited one more mission - San Jose Mission. The kids are troopers, they followed us everywhere patiently and seemed to be quite interested!

The soldiers entraining the crowds in front of Alamo.

A gondola ride...

... I couldn't resist...

...finishing with a walk.

 Making the wait for Mexican food more enjoyable:)

"Remember The Alamo!"

Visiting beautiful grounds of old San Jose Mission.
More of San Antonio to come! That wasn't our only trip there.

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