May 20, 2014


The visit to Texas would not be complete without the pictures in bluebonnets.
Kiki has some from when she was barely five weeks old; very, very cute. Too bad that I don't have a scanner on hand, I would put them in here.

We were lucky that the Spring came late to Texas this year. Usually the bluebonnets are gone by April ( at least that is how I remember ). This year they were still there in the end of the month.
On the way back to Houston we pulled on the side of the road and tried to have posed pictures of our children in bluebonnets. One could think that because they are not so little anymore we could succeed easily, but no, there is always at least one not looking into the camera. The background is also not the one I could wish for, but this time I'll take it. It is better to have imperfect pictures than none!

And while I am at the subject of flowers, allow me to share other colors of Texas that I had a chance to capture!





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