May 1, 2014

A post that is going to mother them all...

... and I mean reminiscing our trip to Texas. The next couple of posts will be bombarded with pictures from Texas. To my Texan fans, I sincerely apologize, to my family, please enjoy; you wanted it ( and me too )!

This trip was very important to us. Firstly, we had to remind ourselves the time that we spend there, while we were still young ( I had tears in my eyes when I saw the student housing where we lived for five and a half years ).

Secondly, we wanted to show our children the places that we visited ( children loved Texas and were excited about the different places that we showed them ).


Thirdly, we wanted to show Kateri where she was born ( we showed her the hospital that she was born in every time we drove by it ) :).

 Fourthly, we visited our friends, to what our kids were surprised that we know so many and that they are so very nice ( it is a Texan thing ).

Fifthly, check if this is a place that we want to move back one day and I must say, I loved it!


 We have accomplished it all!


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