May 6, 2014

Snakes, cowboys and BBQ...

We took our kids out of the Austin City Limits. We really wanted to visit a rancho, but since we lacked time and we do not know any ranchers, we had to postponed it. Maybe next time.

However we decided on visiting few unique places, that were nearby. We had to skip majority of the ones that were on the list, but we went to a very popular place, called Hamilton Pool.
Zuzia claimed it as the most interesting place that she visited so far ( she says that every time she sees something that she likes ), and she did not want to leave it. Probably due to the abundance of snakes and lizards and other creatures that I definitely can live without!

Later we traveled to Wimberly where a Pioneer Town is recreated. The buildings were closed for the week, but we could walk all over the town and visit the museum. The museum was one of a kind, and if it wasn't for the kiddoes I could spend there hours!


 At the end the day we dined at the best BBQ place ( to our knowledge and palate ) - Salt Lick;
just look at that meat! :)



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