June 2, 2014

Children's Day

It was Children's Day in Poland yesterday and my kids being Polish had the privilege to celebrate it. As my friend said, it is Christmas, Birthday and other fun holidays combined!

Zuzia was looking forward it very vocally:), for the last few weeks saying " I can't believe that the Children's Day is so close"! 
I was looking forward it too. I have such wonderful memories of that holiday, that I want my kids to have them too.

This year it was about getting a new member of the family. No, not a baby, even though the children would love that ( since today is my birthday I can easily admit that I am a little too old for a baby) but a pet! It is hard to imagine that I gave in. But since it is only a cute bunny, that is sweet and cuddly and doesn't require expensive trips to the veterinarian, or super food and exercise or going out in the middle of a cold winter, I agreed.

The day was beautiful; sunny, warm. Full of questions and anticipation. Started with waffle and cocoa topped with whipped cream, filled with bubbles, making a wish come true, having pizza for dinner and finishing with ice cream in the favorite ice cream place.

The favorite part was getting bunny. The whole family went to get it.
On the way back we unanimously ( don't ever make me say that word! ) agreed to the name : Ash!

Yet and the end of the day, after all of those treats, Zuzia said, " I am still thinking what kind of cake you ( that's Mama ) should bake for Children's Day"! No comment...

It is good to be child; and I wish that all of the children around the World grew up with happy childhood memories; if only...

 On the way to get a bunny.

 Getting acquainted.

 Bubble fun!

No better treat than ice cream :)

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