June 22, 2014

About this weekend



It was a gorgeous weekend, so as expected, we hoped for nice, family centered, relaxing two days, right? Well, those days did not live to the expectations. Since I decided not to complain on my blog, ( I want to remember only good times ), I will just post good pictures.
It was family centered all right, but there was a lot of talking back, whinnying, misunderstanding, complaining, quarreling and disobeying.
Yet between all those things, that put everybody in the bad mood, Andrzej managed to put the pool up, kids relaxed a little while painting ( it did not matter what, just how it made them feel ), we enjoyed a couple of surprising World Cup games, took part in Great Outdoor Pursuit in my favorite outdoor place in RI - Pulaski State Park, and girls finally got to watch Dr. Who. They will have something to talk about with their friends ( that's what Kiki says ).
 All's well that ends well!


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