June 25, 2014

The strawberry day

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain. So because it is almost the end of strawberry season I put aside today for strawberry picking.
Before setting out the door I checked what books might go with strawberries and the operating hours of the strawberry farm. It said from 8am until 6:30pm.
We were all set!
We hit the traffic due to the road work. I did not worry, we had all day.

We arrived at the farm stand at 11:55am, just to be told that there won't be any strawberry picking until 4pm; and that is how they run that business. Too bad they did not add that info to their website!
So after driving 30 minutes and getting my kids excited, especially the little ones, we just turned around and left.
I had promised myself that I won't be coming to this farm anymore and won't spend a dime over there! You might say I was very angry, just a little upset. Kids were disappointed, and Kiki told me if I want to use a bad word, that's fine with her :) ( I do not use bad words! )

I did not wanted to spoil the rest of the day, not for the kids, not for myself. So we drove to Sam's Club and got four pounds of strawberries. We drove to the library and got books about strawberries. We even drove a Strawberry Field Rd, just for the heck of it!

We made strawberry lemonade and drunk it while listening to "Strawberry Fields Forever".
We read the books from the library.
We made strawberry jam, and spinach/strawberry salad for dinner. For dessert we had strawberry ice cream.

It was strawberry day all right, even if we did not do the picking.
Next week we will try to do it again, but on the different farm!


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