June 28, 2014

Free Fun Friday



We don't live in Massachusetts. However we are close enough to take daily trip there and have free fun on Fridays. Why Not?!

I also can't believe this gorgeous weather that we are having right now. After the long and cold winter, the summer just seems to be spoiling us. For now.

That weather accompanied us yesterday to the Berkshire. We decided to visit Tanglewood. A summer place for Boston Symphony Orchestra.
The grounds of that place are breathtaking; spacious, green, well kept and with a beautiful views around. The pictures that I took don't do justice to this place!

I enjoyed the walks, the green fresh air, the music the performances and the family scavenger hunt.
Kids had a chance to try out different instruments, draw a picture or a poem, listen to the rehearsals, to the singing and watching the dancers. If that wasn't enough, the kids had received prizes for completing the hunt. The gifts were very elegant and thoughtful.

I regret that we did not have chance to listen to the string concert and have faces painted. There just wasn't enough time for everything!

There are many more Fridays this summer, most of them won't be "free fun", but there few on the list I do not want to skip.




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