June 23, 2014

Noc Swietojanska 2014


This year is our third time celebrating Noc Swietojanska, a vigil of Saint John the Baptist. Celebration has little to do with St. John, but a lot with Polish culture and the summer solstice.
How the legend started and when it came from, even if I knew sometime ago, I don't remember now. But maybe by next year I should look into it.
This particular legend, that I like to read to my children and the one that I remember so very well, is about Kwiat Paproci, the Fern Flower, that blooms only once a year. Whoever finds it, will possess all the riches, under one condition, s/he can't share it with anybody.
My children so far heard it three times, and year by year they still like to listen to it, even though it requires listening in Polish and waiting for translation.
The simple festivities of the night included the Story, the fire with roasting marshmallows, lightning sparkles and looking for the Fern Flower.
Did they find the treasures? I think so! I hope Kiki, Zuzia and Kubus will remember them for years to come. They are in those special family moments!


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