June 16, 2014

Celebrating tata :)

Andrzej claimed that this Father's Day was relaxing and happy, filled with kids and a lot of soccer and it ended with Spurs winning NBA championship, it was perfect!!!

A peak into celebrating his day. Highlights of a simple joy.

The flowers are not a theme for Father 's Day, yet they are my second favorite to photograph. With the great color and lighting I could not help myself.
Opening Dad's survival kit.

Letters from children.
 Favorite brunch - eggs Benedict, Kubus is showing his disapproval :)

The afternoon on the beach.

Enjoying special dessert. Kubus was certain that they were rocks, until daddy bit into them.
Now he ask for "rocks" to eat, about ten times a day:)
I love how Andrzej always finds time for Kiki, Zuzia and Kubus . The way he shares Kiki's interest in Anime, Zuzia's fishing and Kubus' trucks craziness is better than mine. I appreciate that after a day of work he still has energy to listen whatever the kids what to share and tend to their needs. I am happy that he is such a loving and caring father.

I hope that Andrzej always feels proud to be a father and keeps finding joy and peace within his own family.

With many thanks and love,


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