October 4, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

I fail to take pictures of my daily life recently, and if  there is something that gets my attention during  the day, there is just not enough stamina and will to capture it.
But I do have gorgeous pictures from our last weekend in NH, and I am planning to make a good use of them, and honestly when I was taking them, I had this {phfr} edition on my mind.
I am joining Like Mother Like Daughter for capturing the context of contentment in everyday life.


Capturing the sunset. Glorious!

Enjoying favorite lake activities:)

 We visiting Wolfeboro, we stumbled upon an antique car show. The snake horn was really out of this place. And, yes Zuzia, this car was made BEFORE mama was alive; 1909!

 Kids could not resist goofing around fake ice cream,

 But when they went inside the cabin, that is the only thing they wanted to do.
Did I ever mentioned that I really regret getting the DS-s?


  1. Kinga, your photography is fantastic! Glad I happened upon this post with the time and sense to click! I know about the DS... sigh. Part of childhood these days. But look at all the wonderful things you do with them besides their screen time! Such lucky kids to have you as mom!