October 19, 2013

Turning three!

My sweet little boy turned three yesterday.

First I was planning to have friends over but then I decided to let it pass. Maybe next year will be better for hosting birthday parties!

We had small family celebration and that's what really Kubus needed. He wanted to eat a "truck cake" and get a big fire engine as a present. I have to say that his wishes were fulfilled:)

My boy is growing up. I can't believe how fast those three years went by. The sad part is that we still call him a baby, but he is not such one anymore:(
It is also true that with every child the time passes faster, and that is really scary.

I have to say that I never would dream that one of my children will be this calm, and sweet and easy going. He is playful and yet very polite. When adults talk to him he listens attentively and either nods his head or says "yesh". He loves trucks, books and story time in the library. He is my great companion for neighborhood walks, and a shopping buddy. He rarely throws a tantrum, and he is awesome during family vacations. Ride in the car with him is a bliss; so may trucks on the road!
Could I just dream that he will stay like this forever?

I know he will change. I know he will start demanding things and talking back. I know he won't be always giving me his sweet hugs and kisses. And that's why for now I will enjoy the time spent with him. These are very happy moments indeed!

Happy Birthday Kubus, I love you dearly !



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