October 16, 2013

Celebrating the liturgical year


Part of "My daily bread" was supposed to include the time which we spend together celebrating the liturgical year.
I have to admit that growing up we did not celebrated the lives of the saints, or different, even more important, feasts. We did go to church, when it was an obligation, but setting time just for enjoying a couple of minutes for the reading of the life of the particular saint, and to have a cup of tea and a piece of cake, no, it did not happen. But we knew "our" saints!.
When I stumbled upon the idea of celebrating liturgical year around the family table; on a lot of wonderful Catholic blogs, I knew right away that this is what I am going to do with my family.
I neglected this nice tradition of ours for the past few months:(
But today I decided to celebrate the feast of St. Hedwig. Maybe because she is actually Polish saint  Swieta Jadwiga Slaska, or maybe because I had an extra energy after my early morning work out. ( I have finally joined YMCA ):)
For snack I did not use a recipe for the book "Cooking with Saints", even though it sounded yummy:), I had way too much roasted pumpkin the fridge.
The white chocolate chips pumpkin scones came out delightful, and the tea tasted like colorful, warm, sweet Fall.
We really had fifteen minutes of blissful, peaceful family time.
Thank you, St Hedwig:)


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  1. That sounds lovely! Nice memories for your family :o)