October 29, 2013



Sitting and listening.

Sitting, listening and looking around.
Getting a ...leaf?
What to do...
...with a leaf?
Standing up and dancing?!

Still coloring!

We have visited three libraries today; me and Kubus.
They provide so much entertainment for my kids and me, not to count the books, that I would be lost, and very lonely without those fine facilities.

Two of them we just visited for the usual purpose of returning and checking new books and movies; but in one there was a story time. And not just any story time, it was time for Halloween party!

I dressed Kubus as a very simple, red firefighter. His fire truck costume is not ready yet, so I had to improvise. After all you can't go to the Halloween party without a costume:)

When we got to the library, first he was surprised to see kids and babies dressed up in a variety of costumes, starting as bees, going through fishes, bears, princesses and finishing with little devils; not my favorite. There was also one that I quite could not figure out what it was supposed to be. I'll bet the mother knew, but I preferred not to ask. 

After scanning the surroundings, Kubus sat down happily and just listened to the stories and songs. He only got up to stamp the feet after he realized that it is difficult to do it sitting down.
At the end he got a leaf to throw, which he did not, but closely held it until it was time to give it back.

Then it was the coloring part. I must say he is getting better, he actually tries to color. Few months ago he was not interested at all. In general my kids hate are not fond of coloring, but they like to draw a lot, and quite well:)

And then I came to realization that Kubus is not a party animal. He did not want to stay for more fun and snacks; he headed for the bookshelves in search for the truck books. Even though we read majority of the truck theme books already, it is still fine with him. And he prefers that to a party.
I see a lot of his father's genes in him. And I am happy with that!



  1. Such a handsome firefighter. Have a great Halloween! :)

  2. You too, Katie! Will I see you at the "Saintly" event on Friday? :)

  3. Bardzo fajne zdjęcie!!! I zajęcia dla maluchów bombowe!!! Widać, że dzieciaczki są bardzo zadowolone z takich spotkań!!!