October 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes

 I did not make to Cari's  Theme Thursday yesterday; I could not find "W". The good thing is that she is hosting 7 Quick Takes, and I can hop over to her site in the neighboring state of Connecticut:)
I have to say that last evening was the craziest of the school nights so far.
Hubby came home at 5:30pm. He quickly ate one plateful of delicious soup that I was cooking in hopes of joining The Nourishing Gourmet  link up.
( I will do that later ). He then took Zuzia for a swim practice at 6pm. Meantime I took the baby, and Kateri for her social event at scary acres. Yes, she was already scared in the prospect of haunting during hayride and maze in the darkness, yet she did not want to miss it for the world. I told her not to call home. Daddy is going to pick her up at 8pm.
I went home just to feed the baby and myself dinner. Hubby came to pick baby up and head back to Zuzia. I finished making the cinnamon bread ready, ( requested by Zuzia ) and finished laundry plus changed the sheets. After this "work out" I headed to the choir rehearsal, where not counting the choir director, all of the rest of the people could be my grandmothers. And I am middle age woman:)
But I love singing and doing it for the Lord makes it more meaningful and special!
Going back to the evening...Andrzej came home, gave Zuzia dinner, and headed back with the kiddoes to pick terrified Kiki. The event lasted until 8:30pm, just as long as mine. When I came home they were getting ready for bed.
I collapsed on the living room sofa and was hoping to spend the night there. Did not want to move!
I ended back in my comfy bed anyway:)
The craziness lasted 2,5 hours.
I am not going anywhere tonight. Even if somebody offered  free babysitting!
 Kubus. Finally. Falls. Asleep. By. Himself.!!! It took only three years...
I think I will join the Nourishing Gourmet  now.
The soup I wanted to share, is weather and season appropriate "Southwestern Chicken Soup with Pumpkin ". While it is not my original recipe, it is delicious and warming and just makes you want to eat a couple of platefuls; and I am too lazy to type it, so I took a picture:)
The start:
 The middle:
 The result!
On the subject of food; I have discovered this yummy snack:
While others devour the hot, delicious cinnamon bread that takes a couple of hours for me to make, I am "Kind" to myself. This bar is gmo and gluten free, I am allergic to the latter; while it does not make me seriously sick, it makes me tried and foggy most of the time.
Speaking of the feeling sick. On Wednesday I went thought another test that is a part of process of elimination serious illnesses.
To find out if there is something wrong with my inner ear ( the dizzy spells ), I was strapped to a chair and spun for 3*3minutes and 2*45 seconds. So, to diagnose to reason for my dizziness   I was made extra dizzy.  After 30 seconds of this test I was ready to quit, ( I suffer from motion sickness! ) I felt a panic attack coming. Somehow I got myself together and suffered went through it all. And in the end my inner ear is fine. In 60%. There is still 40% chance that there is something wrong with it. I am being encouraged to take another test. Well, as long as I am not being spun...And let's just say that I do not feel like visiting amusement parks any time soon!
 I couldn't stop myself from joining {this moment} at Amanda's. While I won't leave it wordless, nevertheless it was the moment that I wanted to capture:)
Another "Bajer" that eats and reads at the same time! Those genes...:)

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