October 23, 2013

Yarn along and other things


It seemed today like a first day of Fall. Rather chilly, and cloudy and damp, but that's OK, since it made it more cozy to stay home and work on few lingering projects.
Wednesdays are good for the "tea less tea time".
Weather was perfect for hot homemade cocoa, banana muffins and ten minutes of classical music in the background. I don't ask for much, I try to make the best out of the little time that I have with my children. The older they are, the less time they want for the togetherness:(

I have finally knitted something that can join one of my favorite links.
Actually I find it quite difficult to knit during warm months; now it seems like the perfect time!
A couple of weeks ago I have bought for myself a couple of wool skeins. Nothing expensive and sophisticated but nevertheless natural fiber. I could not resist the burned orange, even though I was considering light brown. Orange it is:)
I am working on a vest. Pattern is rather elaborate, so I have decided to use it only in the front. I do want to wear it this winter and knitting this pattern takes time. I have to say the knitting is very therapeutic for me.

As for reading, I am reading few spiritual books for myself and a lot of truck books to others:)

I have to also go back to a night routine of reading to my girls. I am still on "Teutonic Knights" with Kiki and The Narnia series with Zuzia.

I have to say that I am quietly hoping that the changes for better are becoming real.
I still have panic attacks at night and I do get tired and dizzy; I get headaches and my brain gets foggy. But I have also noticed a surge of energy and a will to do things.

I have learned that changes take time, and that I have to be patient.
Yes I still get discouraged but somehow I get up and go on.

I know it did not happened on its own
I think the prayers of my family and close friends are with me, and only through God's overwhelming grace I can see the light in the end of the tunnel, for which I am profoundly grateful!

I hope to visit "My daily bread" as often as I used to and keep recording the simple pleasures of my family's everyday life!


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  1. You chose a beautiful orange for the vest! It's a great yarn to show off the pretty pattern and I'm sure you'll love wearing it. Considering orange is one of my favorite colors, I think it's high time I knitted myself something in that color. :-)