October 17, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} in orange

Our annual Columbus weekend getaway... happened last weekend. Coincidence?:)
The girls had Monday off, and Andrzej took one day of vacation. I have to say that recently we are very lucky when it comes to the weather. It does not rain!
We decided like last year, to start with Fall festival at the Sunapee Mountain and spend the second day in Vermont, before heading to Wachusett Mountain "swap and sell" event. Kiki needed new ski boots. Now she just needs a good attitude, because that's what she is lacking when it comes to family trips...sigh.

I took pictures of those glorious colors while being driven by a tractor; commonly know as a hayride:)
Aren't those splendid?! Here comes the orange, for Thursday Theme with Cari! It made me pretty happy to see this theme. My favorite color is orange:)

The Sunapee Fall festival had plenty of activities for everybody. I was happy to participate in potato on the spoon race. I promise, that did not lose it until after I crossed the finish line.
Kubus definitely enjoyed the hayride and a digger really made this little boy extra happy!

For those who will appreciate my sense of humor...don't the pigs heads look happy too? The pulled pork was delicious!!!

I think the most fun my kids had was while eating the donuts off the string. They like it so much, that they wanted to participate few more times!!! No, we did not allowed them:) There were plenty of other contestants. Kiki tied for the first place. She has no trouble eating sweets. If that was an apple, that would be completely different story!

On Monday we went for very short, but real-ly pleasant hike to Gile Mountain. The main attraction of this place was the fact that on top of the mountain there was a fire tower. The tower stairs were tall and real-ly steep, and I think I got more tired just climbing that tower than the rest of the mountain! The views were awesome; we could see the White Mountains in the East, Ascutney in the South and Killington in the West. I can only imagine how real-ly fantastic they look during cloudless weather.
Then we headed toward home with few more short stops, and a couple of loud tantrums:( yes, they are a part of every of our trip. It makes me sad and wonder if it is all worth while. But then I look back at the pictures and realize that maybe it was. There are smiles that are real, so as I join Like Mother, Like Daughter in capturing the context of contentment of everyday life, I get to hope that I will only remember the good times!


  1. Oh my, that first doughnut pic? I thought it was a mouse on a string, after the pig head. Ha. Ha. Great pictures; I enjoyed reading!

  2. Me again. I just noticed that you live in RI ~ my husband is an East Providence boy and I grew up in Somerset, MA (closer to Providence than Boston). Went to RIC for a while and church in Riverside (where we met!)! Even nicer to "meet" you!

    1. We lived in Riverside in 2001/2002, then we moved to Cranston. Was it the St. Brendon Church, that you went to?