September 30, 2013

The hike

I am not a good blogger recently:( I kind of fell out of the rhythm.
The daily rhythm of living.

The children went back to school, but I am still stuck somewhere. I do not know exactly where. I can blame it on my health issues; the claws of anxiety, that seem to be present everywhere... After months of struggling with it, I know that only I can help myself. Sometimes it is better, and I feel like there is  light in this narrow tunnel, and sometimes I feel hopeless. At least I can recognize it, but it is hard to deal on daily basis. I guess that makes for new " My daily bread", doesn't it?

But I promised myself, I will get out of there eventually, and I know it is not going to change in a day or a week. It might take months or years.
So here is my excuse for not really enjoying the simple pleasures of my daily life.

However there come moments, when I can really separate myself from reality; and it happened this past gorgeous weekend.

Remember the cabin that we were not happy with? That one:)
Interestingly enough, we ended up visiting that place last weekend.

The owner felt bad that we ended up being unsatisfied costumers, so he invited us for free weekend gateway and offered different cabin. It was much nicer place. First of all the were no mice, second it was closer to the lake, third it had a nice porch, fourth it had a real mattress on the sleeping sofa. We felt comfortable.

The weather was amazing, the colors of the Fall were showing up, the fish were biting again, the fire was warming us up on the crispy evening, and the sunset was breathtaking!
After leaving the lake on midmorning of Sunday, and after the Mass, we ended up taking the kids to the Mt Major. It offers the best of the bestest !!! ( sorry, I had to make that word up ), views of the Winnipesaukee Lake.

The first part of the hike wasn't very enjoyable. We have one very reluctant hiker; and it took her the climb, the view and a sip of coke to finally relax and let go of the grumpiness.
The rest of the hike was simply perfect!

I hope to feel this accomplished and happy as I did hiking. I told Andrzej that my perfect therapy would be hiking the Appalachian Trail. Six months and I would feel great! I guess it has to wait until retirement. That is one on my bucket list; together with Andrzej.

But for now the Mt. Major has to be enough, and as long as I feel great, that is fine with me:)


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