September 21, 2013

The tale of two stuffed animals; {phfr} edition

My husband just got back from his business trip to Europe. Usually he enjoys them.
This time he had had enough. Enough of dealing with airlines and flights, that is.
On the way there, not only his whole flight itinerary was changed, but in meantime the luggage was lost.
It took three days for Lufthansa to find it.

The thing is that after two days, he was not sure how can he give a presentation at the conference that he was attending in Austria.

The first part of the trip he spent in Germany, and he was OK over there, but if the airlines did not deliver after three days, it would be a somewhat a waste of time.

This is what he and I were concerned about; but not the girls.

Here is the thing...

They like to pack their two favorite stuffed animals in his suitcase, and then they want "tata" to take those toys to different places and take pictures of them. One of them has already traveled to Japan. Well, I am not counting the initial trip form China to America, but to be honest, one of them was actually made in Germany! Yes, I am shocked too:) So the puppy traveled to the country of its origin.


As I was saying...I opposed that idea, mostly because, I think it would look really strange for a middle aged man to walk around the cities and place the toys in strange places and then photograph them. It sounded silly. But Andrzej agreed to this silliness, I guess he couldn't say no, since he knew they are going to miss him a lot, so at least this is what he could do for them.
Everything has changed when I reported to girls that the luggage and all of its insides were missing. There were cries, regrets and so on. I tried to comfort them, but I couldn't resist saying, "if you listen to your wise mother..." I know I wasn't dealing with the issue properly.

The moods have changed when Andrzej announced that the suitcase was found, and as a proof he showed the two stuffed animals through this wonderful thing called Skype!

Honestly, I would, myself, be very sad if those creatures were lost. The "Puppy" belonged to Kiki since she was two weeks old. She has received it from Andrzej's friend from Germany. Zuzia's "Ollie" was dear to her since the visit to Santa's village four years ago. They both sleep with their stuffed friends, unless the latter ones travel:)

Here is to the little tourists, as I join Like Mother, Like Daughter, for the weekly edition of {phfr} while capturing context of contentment in this case not really, every day life:)

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  1. This just a very sweet and funny post! I loved it...and your husband is a good sport and great father.
    God bless you and your family!