September 5, 2013

The school and the recess

I messed up this year. I did not take a single picture of any of my children's first day in school. Not of Zuzia's in the third grade and not of Kiki's in seventh. No picture of Kubus in his very private, truck theme based, preschool.

Nevertheless school has started for them. So far Zuzia had more days off than in, and with Kiki I am getting used to to picking her up. That is my new routine, and I am glad that Kubus does not nap anymore; the picking up would be very uncomfortable for him and for me.

And because with school comes this thing call recess, I am joining today Cari, for her challenging theme Thursday photo edition - recess.

I don't think I will be able to spy what Kiki is doing during that time. Firstly, because her school is too far, secondly, because the seventh graders don't have recess.

Zuzia on the other hand has plenty of free time. She has two days off due to certain holidays that we don't celebrate, yet we enjoy the time off:)

A sneak peak here at her five minute break from having fun!


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