September 8, 2013

Sunday afternoon {phfr}

Every Sunday afternoon, or sometimes for a whole day, we try to get away and spent family time outside.
It was unwritten plan and routine of ours.
Starting this September, we decided to do it officially. Still not written and signed, yet it was announced that we reconnect as a family while enjoying the outdoors.

Today we visited the Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge.
So far it seemed to us that we hiked and walked through every possible nature path in Rhode Island. But it looks like we still have plenty to discover. It is definitely a good news, since we like those trips so much. Well, most of us.
As I recall this peaceful and serene walk on the beautiful Sunday afternoon, I join Like Mother, Like Daughter in capturing context of contentment in everyday life.


This walk was full of nature simple pleasures. As soon as we started the walk, we found ourselves in meadow, full of light green, and golden colors, surrounded by a swarm of buzzing dragonflies.The birds were tweeting around, a deer crossed our  a path, chipmunk showed up between the tree trunks,
  fish swam in the water and osprey soared above our heads. We  enjoyed the view of pond and the ocean beyond.
A pretty place indeed.

As we got to the goal of our hike; the Osprey Point, I couldn't help to stop for few happy pictures. Then on the way back we stopped at a small beach, where Zuzia was happy to enjoy a pond walk and chase fish, and Kubus had a chance to play with his dump truck which he packed himself as soon as we put the swimsuit on him. This boy knows what he wants:)

When we came upon this tree, the kids couldn't say no to its inviting branches. Honestly, I wanted to climb it too. I loved it as a child:)

The real thing is, that not every member of this family is happy with the weekly trips or getaways. Kiki is a person that would prefer to stay home and do her own things. Unfortunately it made us and her upset. But fresh air and open spaces make everything better. She calmed down and actually enjoyed the walk, as well as climbing trees. As long as she had a book to read while taking breaks, she was happy:)

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  1. Kinguś, my też uwielbiamy takie wycieczki!!! Śliczne zdjęcia!!!