September 12, 2013

On toads and lost things

Another day, another free entertainment in the backyard, another plea for taking pictures and posting them on the blog.

There is something about the toads in our area this year. It makes my neighbor almost scream, Zuzia and Kubus very excited and me... I could not care less, except when it actually makes me happy for a little bit. Zuzia stops asking for a pet.

The toads are running or, I should rather say, hopping free in the garden.
I took a couple of pictures after being begged by Zuzia. Quality is not the best.

My Nikon is traveling. I think somewhere between North America and Europe now. Or maybe over the Pacific? Nobody really knows; and definitely not airlines. I do wonder how my husband is going to look like when he attends the conference. I think the first thing he will have to say, is: " Sorry for my appearance, but my luggage got lost!"

Well, my camera as well...
Here; to the hopping frogs and lost possessions:)


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