September 2, 2013

The last long weekend of the summer:(




The end of summer is upon us; we just had enjoyed the long Labor Day weekend, the girls are back in school and the greenish pool is being drained. We kept it until this week to take the last swim but instead the nature decided to splurge us with the water from above. Who needs a pool!

Our Prudence Island visiting plans were postponed once again. And I mean year after year, not week after week. I do not think that hiking around the island in the pouring rain and flashing lighting would had been fun.

Regardless of the weather we had managed to spend quite a nice long weekend.

Zuzia had skipped half of the school day on Friday and yet again was lucky to have daddy/daughter time. They went to the Plymouth Plantation. It was a last Free Fun Friday activity.

On Sunday we decided to use all of the coupons and groupons that we have accumulated and go to Newport. I have to admit, it is the nicest city in Rhode Island, so whoever comes visiting us, ends up going there and liking it too!

We went to the Newport Winery, where the adults wined and the kids whined! OK, not all of them. Kubus was actually happy to visit few resting trucks.

I have to confess that despite living in RI for over eleven years, we have never visited the famous mansions of Newport, particularly The Breakers. I take that back; we visited The Rosecliff for Andrzej's company Christmas party, but honestly, we were not really allowed to see the whole place.

This time we took advantage of the coupons that kids received as a reward for participating in Summer Reading game. We were very nicely surprised how big, and rich that place is. Even the girls stopped complaining about the trip, and for us ( me and Andrzej ) it right away reminded of Downton Abbey. I could almost see the "lordship" and "ladyship" Grantham in that mansion. I could see Mrs Patmore in the kitchen, Carson giving orders, the footmen serving dinner, and Branson driving the car. Quite funny on one hand, on the other, I had learnt that, that was how the wealthy led their lives regardless on which side of the ocean...

Zuzia, I must say, was more impressed with the snail that was crawling on the wall, and she had a hard time leaving it behind.

Andrzej and girls finished the weekend with fishing. They managed to catch eleven fish, between all of the downpours and thundering.
I had a less pleasant job of shopping and the driving home in the downpour; and I must say, that St. Christopher truly was intervening to God on my behalf this Monday:)


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