August 19, 2013

Vacation plans

This year was supposed to be different. In vacation plans that is.
First we were planning to go to Washington DC during April vacation and visit few places. We would definitely skip the White House. Not a favorite place those past, few, looong, years:(

The Washington trip would not beat our great Hawaii trip the previous year, but one can't go to Hawaii every year. Especially with three children:)

Then for July we had planned to visit Williamsburg and its surroundings. For August we planned Camp Mattakeesett for Kiki and nice hiking in the White Mountains for the rest for the family.

Well, the first plans went down the drain in March when I got sick. We had to give up the Washington DC. Instead we dealt with me trying to figure out what's wrong and replacing the floors.

So we moved Washington DC in with Williamsburg for July.
July came, the heat came, I was still miserable, so we stayed home. On the other hand girls had so many different activities, that I did not feel bad about it. Actually Kiki would just prefer to stay home and read or text or play games.

We kept August almost intact, when it comes to the time. Kiki's camp was still taking place. We forgo the hiking part ( when, oh when will I be myself again, if ever?! ).
Instead we opted for a peaceful time at the Winnipesaukee lake. The idea was great, the timing a little off. Unfortunately all of the lake cabins that we liked, were already rented.

We found though a nice looking ( on the website ) cabin in Wolfeboro.

The place was beautiful, peaceful, serene. The different activities kept us at the bay, and Andrzej did not even wanted to go hiking, anywhere; just swimming, fishing, kayaking etc. We went for few geocaching walks, one can't even call them hikes, so short and flat.

The weather was gorgeous. For some too chilly, for me perfect:)

But going back to cabin... it is a different story, It was clean, yes, but... very, very small for those claimed " up to six people ". There was no storage space. So one can imagine five/four people with supplies for a whole week, pillows, covers, sleeping bags, raincoats, tennis/badminton rackets, basket/soccer balls, paddle boards, books, toys, etc. Not a cozy feeling!

The worst part was yet to come...mice! And I saw it and then obviously heard it every night. So much for relaxing time at the lake! So I was complaining, not feeling happy, unless siting at the lake and photographing and most definitely wanting to go home and sleep in my own, spacious, miceless house.

But I have to admit it that the lake time itself was awesome, and I want to do it again, to the point that I would not mind having our own summer place on the lake. Next time however, I think we will skip being adventurous and stay in more comfortable place.

 I won't complain anymore. Next time we will go fishing:)



  1. The scenery looks beautiful! Next year we're hoping to stay at the Sunset Lodges in Wolfeboro for the weekend after we pick up the girls, maybe we'll see you there! Hopefully their cabins are mice-free :o)

    1. Yes, we have seen them. They are very close to the place that we had stayed. Make sure you take 2 bedrooms at least:) They are so tiny! As for the mice, I was told today by the man who owns this property, that it was very unusual, because they have somebody to check for mice. It was due to the fact that before us the renters were very messy people who left crumbs and food all over!
      The scenery is indeed beautiful! More pictures to come:)