August 1, 2013

In my garden


I am quite behind updating the growth in the garden. The truth is that the potatoes have been already dug up. I wanted to keep them in longer, but my very eager helpers, Zuzia and Kubus, were fighting over who is going to dug up more potatoes. And when I wanted to stop, Kubus was shouting MORE!
So I ended up pulling all of the plants out. They will make a delicious addition on the dinner plates:)
Cucumbers started to show up too. They seem to be popping big every day.
I see a lot of tomatoes, but they still don't want to turn red.
Zucchini doesn't seem to be abundant, but I can definitely use it whatever grows big there. And bell peppers are in the salads those days too. Although they were supposed to be red ( it did not happen ) those peppers are on the sweeter side.
The carrots are like a joy! What a fun to pull them out and show them the kiddoes!
Too bad that the crop will be small though...
I have to say that I did not expect to have so much fun growing the garden, weeding, watering and harvesting. Kubus and Zuzia enjoy it too. Zuzia is already thinking about the next year. We might have to remove the big playset, according to her plans:)


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