August 20, 2013

The fish that didn't get away

Zuzia loves everything that has something to do with water creatures. It can be whale in the ocean and a tadpole in a pond. She has already tried fishing a little, but nothing serious. Maybe except for squid fishing. Andrzej took her last year to Newport to the annual squid fishing. This year they were ready too, but for some reason the squids never came, so they did not have a chance to enjoy the after dark activity. She was disappointed.
But going to the lake she had a lot of hopes, fishing rod and a box of worms.

 From the first day Zuzia was begging Andrzej to take her fishing. And they did but without any luck on the beginning:(

After few days they decided to get acquainted with more serious fishermen. And indeed just few tips more, change of the docks ( maybe 30 yards in between ), and the fish started on biting.


Zuzia fished in the morning, she fished in the evening. She even fished right before we were leaving the place. All together she caught twenty nine fish. She had her fishing guide and tried to name the fish. Mostly it was the same just in different life stages.
The girl left happy, she just wished she could catch an even number thirty!

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