August 4, 2013

The Aquarium visit {phfr} edition

Another Boston theme Sunday.
Last week Zuzia and Kubus stayed with me at home, and Andrzej took Kiki for her MIT classes. He also went for w quick errand in Ikea. Without me...and I like that store.
But he came back with a new bookcase for Zuzia the one that she has been asking for quite sometime. She is very pleased with her new addition and new shelf space. One day I will make a tour of the girls room. One day, when it is clean, which is not going to happen any time soon:(

Going back to the Boston...
It is Zuzia's birthday week. Since she was a three and a half year old preschooler, she has been enchanted by the under sea world. All the books that we have read from various libraries are countless. All the marine shows that she watched, all the aquariums that she visited, big or small, their numbers are big.

As a part of her birthday celebration, we decided to treat her with the visit in the Boston aquarium. We have visited the Mystic one a couple of times already ( it is much closer and more convenient than the Boston aquarium ). The opportunity came to visit the latter one today. Andrzej spend some time on MIT with Kiki, I took Zuzia and Kubus to see undersea beauty.

The visit is a subject of Sunday edition of { pretty, happy, funny, real } as I join, as always late, Like Mother, Like Daughter, in capturing the context of contentment in everyday life.

{ pretty }
Absolutely gorgeous colors of the coral reef.

{ happy }
The kids were happiest at various touch tanks, especially shark and rays touch tank.

{ funny }
Pretending to feed the fish:)

{ real }
Trying to take a posing picture. Real-ly not easy.


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