August 23, 2013

Geocaching in {phfr} edition

I won't let it go easily. As I mentioned before, too many pictures:)

Some few years ago we started the fun outdoor activity called - geocaching. I have to admit that this year we did not participate until out NH vacation. Andrzej usually is in charge of finding interesting spots. There were plenty of places around the area of our vacationing. All together we have found seven geocaches, if I am not mistaken. One was very well "blended" in. We gave up. But here are some of the geocaches that did not get away:)



While Andrzej and the kids were looking, I decided to go on mushroom-caching. The mushrooms were much easier to find.
This pretty, green frog was guarding one of the geocaches.
It is always a happy moment, when the geocache is discovered. Checking what is inside it is the next step.
In one of the beautiful places while geocaching I decided to take a picture of the four of us ( Kiki was at the camp ). Unfortunately I cut off Andrzej's head! Sorry !!!
Hazard of geocaching in the woods? The mosquitoes!!! Poor Kubus was bitten in the ear, which tripled in its size. The swelling went down after few days.
 As I share another activity from our vacation, I join Like Mother, Like Daughter, for capturing the context of contentment in everyday life!


  1. Oh his poor ear! We've been battling chiggers here!

    3-2-1 Party

  2. Super zdjęcia!!! A co się stało w uszko??? Biedny Kubuś:(

    1. Madziu, komar go ugryzl:( Tak wlasnie reaguje na jakiegos rodzaju komary, ale nie wszystkie. Opuchlizna trwa przez 3 dni I jest bardzo goraca!

    2. ojojoj-bidulka malutka:( mam nadzieję, że już go nie boli, ale i tak wygląda przesłodko!!!! Buziaki dla całej rodzinki:******* niedługo cd mojego emaila hi,hi:)