August 22, 2013

Theme Thursday and the Pennywise Platter

I am going to take a break from the week long vacation theme today. But I will be back. I took too many pictures to let them just lie around:)

It is funny that the Theme Thursday at Cari is food, since today I have decided to use all of my ripe tomatoes and make spaghetti  sauce.

Obviously I did not use the cucumbers, I just like this colorful photo:) 

I am indeed proud of my creation, since the tomatoes and basil came from my garden. The abundance of it is tremendous, the only pity is that probably be next week I will be missing them a lot. Too bad the can't ripen one or two per day.

Since it is a food theme it made it easier for me to join the long forgotten Pennywise Platter link up.
Here is the recipe.

- four pounds of tomatoes
- one carrot
- one clove of garlic
- one onion
- fresh basil, parsley, oregano
- salt and black pepper
- olive oil

Basically, the ingredients have to be chopped up and saute in the olive oil until tender and tasty , I would say for about two hours? I am still cooking so I guess I will find out later.

When the sauce is ready I will let it cool down and blend until smooth. For my very picky eaters. As long as they don't taste the piece of a vegetable, they are OK with it.

The recipe is not mine, but modified according to the ingredients found in my house:)
I hope you can enjoy it too, or send me an old, fail proofed, family recipe.



  1. Looks beautiful, wholesome and delicious. There's nothing like a bite of summer flavors!

  2. What luck to make your own spaghetti sauce! I've never been good at growing tomatoes or I would totally try this. =)

  3. Love the colorful photo, and the awesome ripe produce. Mmm...homemade pasta sauce! I may have to add that to my meal plan this week! No homegrown tomatoes here, but maybe I can find someone who has a couple ripe ones in their high tunnels!

  4. Love that interestingly shaped carrot. Homemade spaghetti sauce...mmmmmm.