August 7, 2013

Turning eight


Eight years ago she was already here. The whole 7 pounds and 7 ounces of her. She came out screaming at 5:45pm and she continued screaming through the night, unless I nursed her.
I was afraid that she will end up like her older sister. Colicky!

Unfortunately that poor child continued her colic problems until turning one. I literally pulled hair out of my head and kept on crying and not sleeping. When she turned one, she became so calm and sweet that the previous year seemed only like a bad dream. And she is still like that today.

She is caring, sweet and sensitive. She likes to spend time with her family and she likes to help.
She is very friendly and for one hug she will give back ten more. She is easy going. She prefers to play outside with the earthly creatures than spend time indoors. She is very eager gardener and plans to grow more vegetables and open a stand on the farmers market with me.

She dreams about becoming a marine biologist living on the farm run by her future husband, who will also take care of their children:) Those dreams. Funny and big, open and bold like the sky...

But today she is young eight. She woke up early. She put pretty clothes on, sprayed perfume and painted her nails. Blue. Color of the sea. Then she waited and waited for requested Belgian waffles for breakfast. She had to wait long. I slept in ...

Then she opened a present of Lego blocks and Pokémon book, because those are other things than she likes. She gave up on the American Girl doll, since she realized that dolls don't interest her and she prefers to build Mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings than to have doll which collects dust. I like the independent and uninfluenced mind of her.

Andrzej took her whale watching later in the day, while the rest of the family worked on the cake. The sea dragon cake. She loves fantasy books that have dragons in them. The good dragons.

After the dinner of cheese pizza  and the birthday cake, she came to me thanking for the best cake ever  and asking if this the end of her birthday surprises. And I had to say yes:(

Until next year my dear Zuzia, but for now I want to keep you being eight and I don't want to rush the time.
Happy birthday my sweet, loving daughter, I love you very much!

Post o Zuzi. W jej osme urodziny.
Czekala z niecierpliwoscia na ten dzien. Postanowila ubrac sie ladnie, "psiknac" perfume i wymalowac paznokcie na jej ulubiony kolor, niebieski:)
Po sniadaniu dostala prezent klockow Lego i ksiazke "Pokemon". Woli to niz bawic sie lalkami.

Popoludniu Andrzej ja zabral na bezkrwawa wyprawe na wieloryby. Frajda to dla Zuzi ktorej ulubionymi zwierzetami sa stworzenia morskie.

Ja z Kiki pracowalysmy nad tortem. Postanowilam go zrobic w ksztalcie smoka. Zuzia uwielbia czytac ksiazki o smokach. Dazy je wielka sympatia i nawet bardzo ja smuci Legeda o Smoku Wawelskim. Bo zginal:(

Zuzia stwierdzila ze to najlepszy tort jaki kiedykolwiek miala i bardzo mi za niego dziekowala.
Poczym ze smutkiem stwierdzila ze to juz koniec jej urodzinowych niespodzianek. Trzeba znowu czekac rok...

Nie poganiaj czasu dziecko, ciesz sie kazda chwila!
Wszystkiego najlepszego kochana Zuziu. Kocham Cie bardzo!



  1. Such a lovely tribute to your birthday girl. Sending prayers and wishes that she and your family will enjoy a blessed year.

    1. Thank you, for your kind words and prayer!

  2. Wszystkiego najlepszego dla Zuzi!!! Kinguś twoja 8 letnia córeczka jest strasznie słodka i bije od niej takie piękne światełko i ciepło!!!! :****