November 12, 2013

November 11th


Having day off from school on November 11th, we could accomplish almost everything that I have planned.
In addition to remembering all the men and women in service and praying for them, I had to make sure that my kids will always remember that it is also Polish Independence Day.
There was a concise lesson in Polish history, which Kateri declared that she knows, ( not really ) and few geography points.
However most of the time that we spend together, was celebrating Martinmas.
I find it fun, and rewarding to introduce my children to different traditions and customs from all over the world.
We decided to reuse our lanterns from the last year and just add a handle and go for a small procession on our street. It was short, because Kiki is afraid of the darkness, and honestly we should have left her home, but nevertheless we managed to make a round. Kubus and Zuzia had the most fun. I wish we could gather children from the neighborhood and go all around, like on Halloween, just without the scary stuff and candy.
As for snack, which goes well as a breakfast, we made St Martin's day croissants. It was Zuzia'a call. After a weekend of baking cinnamon rolls and bread, I have yet decided to make another batch of yeast dough. The good thing is that they are yummy, the bad that I could not resist eating them. So much for my gluten free diet, which was going well...
 I would lie if I said that everything went smoothly. The little kids, I can get them excited and happy, but when it comes to the older one, it is a different story. I am lucky if she wants to celebrate with us for more than 10 minutes. But I will take all that I can, and hope that one day she remembers it fondly...

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