November 3, 2013

In November

Every November we, as Catholics, are obligated to visit the cemeteries and pray for the departed.
In Poland we visited the graves of family members, friends and acquaintances .
There were crowds of people there, freshly cut flowers and multitude of candles. The sky at night was bright above...
Here, we continue making the yearly visits to pray for all those who went to meet the Lord already.
We are doing it, because it is a Christian obligation, and we are doing it because of the tradition. We are trying to teach our children the importance of prayer for the dead ones and teach them that death is a big part of every person's life, however terrifying that thought might be at their young age.
We took the kids today to pray at the grave sites; day after the All Souls. It felt right, to do it on Sunday, after the mass. It was cold and windy. The place was empty, nostalgic and quiet. Except for the bells from the nearby church.
The children have quieted for a moment too...

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