November 30, 2013

7 quick takes on Thanksgiving

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It was our nineteenth Thanksgiving yesterday. I have tried to remember every single one of them. I remembered the very first one, on the rancho, in Texas. Very unique experience ! And I remembered the rest; where and with whom. Amazing, have many there have been already!
This one we spend at home, just by ourselves. It has been like that for the last few years. Our own family is far away ( and does not celebrate Thanksgiving ), and friends are spending it with their own families.

In the mid morning we decided to take Christmas pictures...outside. It was sunny, but cold with freezing wind. I made everyone take their coats off! The session went by very fast:)

 Children were thankful each in his/her own way:
Kubus was thankful for trucks.
Kiki wrote a thanksgiving poem.
"I am thankful for the stories
I read again and again
To the movies, plays, and voices
That sing and never end.
I am thankful for the food
Prepared with care and love
To the soil, the earth. the sun and rain
And things like mammals, beasts , and bugs.
But I am most thankful for
Is He who gave me life
And the family and friends who love me
And helped me to take flight"
Zuzia wrote her own thankful story:
"When they said: what are you thankful for? I say I truly don't know where to start! So then I stand up straight and tall and say I'm thankful for the city, the river and the waves, and I can't forget my friends and family, and the poor little creatures who live in this beautiful world with us. Then I finish it with saying and that's what I am thankful for!"
Andrzej said only one thing comes into his mind. He was thankful for his family.
Later in the day he was thankful for his two favorite football teams to win; the Cowboys and the Longhorns:)
 I, myself have to say I am thankful for my faith, my healthy kids: growing writers and the little, sweet truck lover; Andrzej who takes good care of us all; for warm, cozy home and good food on the table:)
Speaking of the food;
We started our own tradition this year. We forwent  the turkey and went for the things that everybody likes. There were ribs, roasted potatoes, sweet potato casserole, garlic flavored green beans and for dessert apple pie with vanilla ice cream. And you know what? Everybody was happy for a change.
I think we will keep it that way!
Few pictures from the event. Just because I like it!




  1. The food looks delicious! We're thankful that the Bajers are such wonderful friends :o) Cheers!

  2. That food all looks delicious (especially the meat) and the "Thanks" sign your kiddies made is adorable! I am thankful to not be the only one participating in 7QT Friday on Saturday ;)